Thursday, October 21, 2004

yo! raise your hands if you love careyoke!

Then again, how can you not love Careyoke herself when she has the kind of audience rapport that you can see in this two photo sequence:

Which is not to say that Careyoke is the only sociologist capable of making special connections with audience members through song:


Anonymous said...

Was that first image taken on Gender Ambiguity/Michael Jackson Night?

Goesh said...

I really enjoy these pictures - these are great and get an A but the bacon ones get an A+

Anonymous said...

Upon showing this picture of myself to my fiancee, her two comments were:

1) That girl in the picture with you is really pretty.
2) (about how I looked) Don't worry, anyone would look bad at that angle.

Sooo, apparently that angle is only unflattering when looking at me. Hmmmm...

PS I've already had one person ask me "Aren't you Elton John?" Score!