Tuesday, October 26, 2004

no no-vember no-vel

Yes, I know that National Novel Writing Month* is next month and that all sorts of people are using the month to finally start/make-big-progress-on/finish that novel idea that have had rattling around in their heads forever. Yes, I know that some are planning on even using their blogs for this purpose. And yes, it is true that I am presently consulting with at least one person on their mystery novel writing efforts, even if she is rather headstrong about taking my plot advice.

No, however, I will not be using the month to write up my own Mystery Novel Idea. Despite the incessant demands from my public, all will have to wait indefinitely for me to embark on production of my meticulous-mostly-outlined Problems of Selection, which involves a pair of murders (one quantitative, one qualitative) that take place in a sociology department that is highly-ranked, wildly-divisive, and completely-dysfunctional (only the first of these actually reflects a department I have had first-hand familiarity with, but I know enough horror tales of academe from all over to be confident I can fake the latter two).

If only somebody could knit me more time, I would do it. But it would have to be a lot more time. And all the knitters around here are too preoccupied with things like scarves and sweaters to use their yarn something truly useful, like a distortion of space-time that would give me a free month or two.

* NOVel in NOVember, get it?

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