Saturday, September 04, 2004


Against astonishing odds, I did indeed ride my bicycle to campus all three weekdays since the 9/1 start of the self-imposed abolition of my campus parking space. Take that, all you naysaying Once-If-Thatters in my poll! Thinking of you inspired me as I rode up that last hill on Observatory Drive. Thinking of Lance Armstrong did not. Which doesn't mean I didn't think of him on that hill--on Friday, for example: "I wonder if there are more total ounces of fat in Lance Armstrong' s body or in my neck?" Riding uphill is hard enough when you are wildly out of shape, without using one hand to quizzically pinch and pull at your neck while you do it.


sep said...

way to go! I knew you'd make me proud!

I voted for 10-19 times but now I'm thinking I was way wrong.. you're possibly going to go all the way!


Anonymous said...

Keep it up Jeremy and soon you'll have the massive muscular thighs of the bike riders in "The Triplets of Belleville."