Sunday, September 05, 2004

iTunes iNsanity, update

As longtime JFW readers know, I started buying music on iTunes just after the start of the year. I just went over the 200th song that I have purchased there ("Alone," by Heart, another Wisconsin Sociology Careyoke Classic). There are, I suppose, far worse addictions.

The whole thing is evidence for the aggregation problems of orthodox rational choice theories. Because if you had presented me with the entire list of songs and said I could have all of them for $198.00, I very likely wouldn't have done it. But, offer each song offered individually for 99 cents apiece and I think, what's a dollar?

That said, now that I look down the list, below are ten non-karaoke-inspired-downloads songs that were certainly well worth the dollar (listed alphabetically). Not that you care, I know.
"Another Girl," Jeffrey Lewis

"Bad Day," R.E.M.
"Breathe," Wheat*
"David," Nellie McKay
"Folsom River Blues," Johnny Cash
"Light & Day," Polyphonic Spree
"I Am Trying To Break Your Heart," Wilco**
"I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man," Prince
"I Don't Believe You," Magnetic Fields
"Train in Vain," Clash
* Jeremy's overall most played iTunes song, Jan-Apr 04

** Jeremy's overall most played iTunes song, May-Aug 04

The three best karaoke-inspired purchases: "Survivor," Destiny's Child; "Goodbye Earl," Dixie Chicks; and "Downtown," Petula Clark.


J said...

Woohoo! Score another one for the Carey/Jessie J. team!
-Jessie J.

Curtis said...

I continue to spread the word of The Polyphonic Spree, but if you buy just that one song it won't be long before you're purchasing the entire album. Then you'll be at their shows. Then you'll see one of them at a bookstore tell him that you love their music. He'll tell you about a party that is happening later that evening. Before long you'll be at that party with 15 of them swarming around you and you'll wind up in their choir dancing around. Your mom will think you've joined a cult and you won't be welcome home for Christmas. It's really a downward spiral but it is well worth it.

brady said...

iTunes is indeed bad news for the pocketbook. Glad to see "I am trying. . ." made your all-time most played. That song is aural heroin. Or, if recent news reports are to be believed reguarding mr. tweedy's drug issues, aural oxycodone.

(Summerteeth was the heroin album, apparently.)

jeremy said...

The aural heroin idea would explain how, according to iTunes, I listened to it over 100 times in like a 3 week period. Especially impressive given that it's almost a 7 minute song, and iTunes doesn't count a song as played unless it plays through all the way to its end.