Friday, September 10, 2004

survey respondents: not only are they the dickens, but they are psychic as well!

In 1992-3, WLS respondents were asked whether they had ever been diagnosed with diabetes. In 2004, people are asked whether they had ever been diagnosed with diabetes again, but this time they are also asked when they were diagnosed. About 6% of people who said they had been diagnosed with diabetes in 1992 deny this in 2004, but another 6-10% of those who said they had been diagnosed with diabetes in 1992-3 affirm this in 2004, but say they were first diagnosed sometime after 1993.


nina said...

It reminds me of something I heard yesterday – a guy was saying how he had this cool photo of himself from the past – to which his pal responded: can you ever have a photo of yourself from the future?

J said...

I'm thinking that the 6% in denial could see their diabetes diagnosis as a source of embarrassment. It's pretty widely known that when you're doctor says you have type 2 diabetes (or uses the term "borderline diabetic" which I've heard from several people), it really means, "You're a fat tub of lard! Lose some weight, fatty!" (JAMA 1987). Maybe those people lost the weight and aren't diabetic anymore, and therefore, have convinced themselves that they were never actually diabetic, but would have been if. Same for people who heard the term "borderline" diabetic from their doctor. They may have lost weight, or it's possible that the subject never came up again, so they think they weren't really diabetic.
-Jessie J.

jeremy said...

J: An idea supporting your denial hypothesis for the inconsistent reports would be that in 1992 the reports were made via mail and in 2004 the reports were made via phone.