Tuesday, September 21, 2004

but, really, wouldn't it have been better to say that this adds injury to injury?

From ESPN.com:
"The rookie season of tight end Kellen Winslow could be over, or at least severely truncated, after the Cleveland Browns' first-round draft choice suffered what is believed to be a fractured right fibula in Sunday's loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

'It's wait and see right now,' quarterback Jeff Garcia said. 'We have to be prepared to move forward without him. This adds insult to injury.'"


dorotha said...

yes, yes, you are clever. we already know.

tina said...

Isn't Kellen Winslow a retired wide receiver for the San Diego Chargers?

Doesn't Jeff Garcia play for the 49ers?

Should I plan a trip out from under my rock sometime soon?

Anonymous said...

Dortha -- 1) you are thinking of his father and 2) Garcia got traded from the 49ers last year.

jeremy said...

I thought the original Kellen Winslow decided to come out retirement last year after seeing trailers for the movie Mr. 3000.

Goesh said...

- any sympathy for injured Vikings?? Kleinsasser (sp?) was out and without him they didn't have much of a running game, and fell to the Eagles -

Anonymous said...

Actually, Garcia was released by the 49ers, who didn't want to pay him $8 million a year. He signed with the Browns as a free agent.