Sunday, September 05, 2004

sometimes, one's initial reaction of guilt in the wake of tragedy is, in fact, correct

Two brothers were arrested in the shooting deaths of two young men at a tailgate party before a college football game, authorities said. [...]

The victims, identified as Kevin M. McCann, 23, and Marine 2nd Lt. Brett Johnson Harman, 23, were tailgating before North Carolina State University's season-opening football game against Richmond. [...]

A witness, Brian Smith, 31, said the victims had been tossing a football when a car drove recklessly in a parking lot packed with football fans. He said the men pulled the blond-haired driver from his car and beat him, pushing his head into the dirt.

The blond man left in his car, shouting curses and threatening revenge, Smith said. He returned later and asked Smith where to find the men who had beaten him, saying he had "a .38 Smith & Wesson for them."

Smith, who said the man appeared intoxicated, pointed in the direction of the victims and heard gunshots a short time later.

Smith ran to the shooting scene and found one victim wounded in the face, the other in the upper torso.

"My reaction is that I got two guys killed," Smith said.

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