Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Yes, my nonholiday-weekday streak of riding my bicycle to campus reaches a completely unanticipated fourth day! Take that, all you tut-tutting Two-or-Three-timers in my poll--you, doubters, are the wind beneath my wings.

Today, as I struggled my way up the western face of Mount Observatory, I once again thought of Lance Armstrong. I realize that there are significant body-type and fitness-level differences between him and me, but yet this didn't stop me from thinking: "Man, that guy has got to be doing some serious doping."

I was less successful in my first full day of trying to incorporate the phrase "It's all good" into my vocabulary. The always-be-tentative diction drilled into me during my academic training has proved a larger obstacle than expected. Today I did say "It appears all good" and "It's virtually all good" and, most unfortunately, "We are unable to reject the null hypothesis of it being all good."


nina said...

You should pick on the grammatical construct that has really spread like wildfire; why, our very own president (I know, I know he's not OUR president, but the reality is he still makes president-like decisions)uses it at least ten times in each five-sentence speech. There's many great examples of it; there's students in my class that use it; there's people out there like me and you that say it all the time... Oops, ran out of space. But great going on the Lance-wannabe thing! I'm sure there's reasons to believe that you'll bike daily from now on.

jnsys said...

way to go! (from someone in the 2-3 camp - totally random guess, of course :)

Eszter said...

It's all good Jeremy, eventually you'll work it into your language in its intended format.;)