Saturday, September 11, 2004

guest post!: on being forced to blog

Moms are supposed to be good sports. But holy potato sauce! Enough is enough. I am actually an intensely private person being forced to expose my inner most thoughts and feeling in a public space. Who needs it?? Why do it? This is plain goofy and I outright refuse.

But besides that, I'm looking forward to Careyoke night a lot. I am curious to see all your free spirits emerge.

Dorotha's Evil Mom

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nina said...

Remember, Mrs. H: You and I shook hands today on the song we will sing on Monday. Where I come from, that's more solid than a legal document. And, there were two witnesses.
Readers: Mrs. Harried has vowed to bring down the house with a debut karaoke performance of.... well actually, it's a secret. BE THERE! [They tell me you don't have to be a sociologist to attend. After all, she's not and I'm not. Anymore.]