Wednesday, September 01, 2004

desperate people do desperate things

(note the expiration date)

In my own case, my desperation at forcing more exercise into my life led to a particularly daring (read: almost certainly foolish) maneuver: I did not renew my parking space for this year. I save $400 + whatever it would have cost me in gas. And I gain the mandatory opportunity to get to campus some other way, with my bicycle hopefully being prominent among those other ways.

I woke up today with all sorts of exuberance to hop on my Trek and pedal my way up to campus. I was wandering around the RV talking in a bright Italian accent like all true bicycling enthusiasts do. Then somebody pointed out over e-mail that it was raining here in Madison this morning. I hadn't actually anticipated there being any precipitation this fall, so I'm not quite sure what to do.

How well do you think this strategy is going to work? Here, let me know:

(Note: In the winter, the plan is to take the bus, which is free in Madison for the UW Volk. My hope is that this doesn't degenerate to me driving my car and parking in the pay-to-park garage. If it does, my hope is that doesn't degenerate into me taking Union Cab to and fro.)


dorotha said...

why don't you get funding for a PA who can drive you to and from school AND be your personal chef? i have a car and have been preparing vegetarian meals for over 10 years.

jeremy said...

Wow, somebody voted for 20+ times. I wonder who it was, and if they know me AT ALL.

Anonymous said...

More info, please:

Are you teaching this semester? If so, on which days and at what times? Does your bicycle have fenders? What is the average weight of the items that you carry back and forth to work every day? Are any such items bulky (i.e., tuba-ish)? How far from work do you live? Is the route entirely on a bike path? Is it flat or uphill? Both ways? Do you have any visitors or house guests coming between now and 10/31? Do you have any plans to visit a person or persons in whom you are romantically interested or involved in the next 4 months?

Telephone surveyors love me, too.


jeremy said...

No. N/A. No. 3 lbs. No. 2-3 miles. No. Downhill there, uphill back. Not sure. N/A.

Katy said...

It was me. I totally believe in you. No, really.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Jeremy, for referencing one of my favorite movies of all time. I just hope you don't plan on riding down Langdon, serenading sorority girls.