Tuesday, October 07, 2003

wuthering lights

I'm in my office today, and I am still having the flickering light problem. There is something wrong with the switch that causes four out of the six flourescent light bulbs to flicker intermittently in this way that makes it seem like someone may being electrocuted down the hall. I just checked my e-mail and I first e-mailed about this on July 24th, and still no one has shown up to fix it. I am going to e-mail again.

We have these green tags that say Check Lights that you are supposed to put on your door if you are having a problem with your lights. When my office was on the second floor, one of my lights burned out and I dutifully put out the Check Lights tag. The next day, the tag was put back on my side of the door, and there was a strip of yellow-police-line-like tape stuck up on the ceiling by the fluorescent light that was out. This was in the middle of winter, and still nothing had been done when I moved out of my office in July.

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