Wednesday, October 15, 2003

angels in the outfield

I'm following the Cubs-Marlins game on the web. If you didn't see last night's game, the Cubs lost then perhaps as a result of interference on a Cubs fan with catching a foul ball. This makes me kinda root for the Marlins in this game, so that for the next few decades I will get to hear occasional stories about how this fan's life continues to be ruined as a consequence of his deed.

Anyway, the weird thing that inspired a weblog post is that I was following the game using ESPN GameCast, which provides these detailed moment-by-moment updates. However, these moment-by-moment updates are running maybe 10 minutes behind the less-detailed regular update on So I knew the Cubs were going to score 3 runs in the bottom of the second to tie the game just as the first hitter was coming to the plate according to GameCast. It's a strangely quasi-clairvoyant feeling to know that three runs are going to score and then see slowly how it is that the big inning actually does score.

Actually, GameCast is still in the second inning, but I can see already that the Cubs are going to score at least two more in the third.

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