Monday, October 20, 2003

in it for the hamiltons

Nielsen called me yesterday and said that they would pay me $10 if I did this survey about my web usage. As I said in my preceding post, I'm going out of town tomorrow. Can someone take care of this for me either today or while I am gone? E-mail me if you do. I know this should give me bad survey karma especially since there is a survey in which I'm heavily invested in the field right now, but the karma-accountants draw a distinction between academic and for-profit survey research.
Web Address:

Your PIN: MATT0873

Dear Jeremy Freese,

We are very pleased that you have agreed to participate
in the Nielsen//NetRatings online user survey. This survey
is designed to measure which sites people like you visit online.
The information we collect from this survey will help us
understand online usage patterns and the lifestyles and
behaviors of users online.

To begin the survey, click on or
enter the address in your browser's address bar. When you
reach the site, you will be asked to enter your PIN MATT0873.

The questionnaire is easy to fill out -- simply "point and click"
your responses. Please note that your data will be reported
only in aggregate with users similar to you. We will never report
your data separately or disclose any personally identifiable
information to any third party. Nielsen//NetRatings' privacy
protection practices are second to none in the research

Shortly you will receive a letter containing a token of our
appreciation for agreeing to participate in our survey, along
with a copy of our frequently asked questions and privacy
policy. If you would like to view our frequently asked
questions and privacy policy now, click on or enter the address in
your browser's address bar.

If you have any questions, email us at
Lastly, if you'd like to verify who we are, feel free to call us at
1-800-454-2395. A Nielsen Media Research representative will
be glad to speak with you.

Thank you for your contribution to this valuable and important
research project.


William Pulver
President and CEO


vincew9298 said...

I just got a call from and they asked me to fill in the survey online, it would take about forty minutes and they would pay me FIVE dollars. Why did this guy get TEN? Is his opinion worth twice mine or is my opinion only worth half his?


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