Wednesday, October 22, 2003

update on dahlia

for those of you who have been wondering how dahlia "snuffleupagus" hawkins has been doing in my (football) pool, she has positioned herself to be within striking distance of our fearless leader, ashley finley. here are the latest cumulative rankings:

Cumulative Rankings
(1) Ashley Finley-72
(2) Anne Berry-71
T(3) Rob Clark-68
T(3) Rita Noonan-68
T(3) Jeff Tonole-68
(6) Dahlia Hawkins-67
T(7) Joe Berry-66
T(7) Shelley Correll-66
(9) Nick Kroska-64
T(10) Jean Winsterman-60
T(10) Steve Hitlin-60
(12) Paul Noonan-59
(13) Lauren Winsterman-57
(14) Ellie Buckley-56

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