Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Madison, WI, October 11 -- The challenge has been met, the battle fought, and the sun has set...on a 0 - 0 draw with Statistics! The Sociology vs. Statistics soccer match was played with vigor and energy. A lively chatter could be heard in many languages, both on the field and in the enthusiastic group of fans who ringed the game. The principal excitement in the first half was a shot off the crossbar by Giovanni Zanalda, and a diving save -- yes, I mean a diving save -- by Sociology's goalie, Bert Adams. The second half was also hotly contested but neither side came as close to scoring. The contestants were left with a but one thought: wait 'til next year!
A 0-0 tie.. sounds like we all better stick to statistics.

If only the rest of sociology's interactions with statistics were so well-defended.

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