Friday, October 17, 2003

down with the hanging tags of death

This year the parking people at UW have moved from a system of using stickers to identify lot permits to using these large hanging tags that you are supposed to hang from your rearview mirror. You are supposed to only have the tag hanging while you are parked, but of course it's easier just to leave it there. Some people hear have been complaining about them as being a safety hazard, and I have been dismissing these people as worry-worts who are impeding the way of parking progress.

However, I am announcing to the weblog world that I WAS WRONG. I have officially become a sudden convert to the cause of agitating against this change, when yesterday I came within centimeters of plowing some guy over with my car because (as far as I can figure) my view of him had been blocked by the hanging tag. I had no idea what a giant blind spot it creates. I would have an unflattering photo of me on the front page of the student paper wearing an orange jumpsuit if not for sheer luck.

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