Wednesday, October 01, 2003

dahlia is angry and accusatory, part 6.02 x 10^23

Dahlia's in a snit because she had a bad week in her NFL pool and has now slipped back to being the median. Dahlia hates to be the median at anything, ever since I tricked her into being it for a rousing game of Pin The Tail On The Median at a birthday party back when we were kids.

Cumulative Rankings  Points   

(1) Ashley Finley 44
T(2) Rob Clark 42
(2) Rita Noonan 42
(4) Shelley Correll 42
(5) Anne Berry 41
(6) Jeff Tonole 40
(7) Dahlia Hawkins 39
(8) Nick Kroska 38
(9) Steve Hitlin 37
T(10) Joe Berry 36
(10) Paul Noonan 36
(12) Ellie Buckley 34
T(13) Jean Winsterman 32
(13) Lauren Winsterman 32
The leader of the pool, "Ashley Finley", is causing something of a controversy because she is also entered in the pool that I'm participating in--Rita Noonan's Survivor-themed pool--and she has made identical picks to me for each of the first four weeks of the semester. Uncanny, to be sure. But now Dahlia is accusing me of some vast conspiracy scheme where "Ashley Finley" is not a real person but rather someone that I have made up in order to conceal multiple entries to that pool. Not true!

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