Thursday, October 23, 2003

dispatch from taipei, 4

I am sitting in an office getting this afternoon's talk ready. Yesterday's talk went well, or, at least, the audience was very polite. I think I did a good job of speaking at a reasonable pace for people for whom English is not their first language. The organizers of the conference have been extremely hospitable the entire time. They have been really wonderful. We went out last night to a Japanese restaurant and I showed myself that, despite my massive squeamishness, I can eat any number of different kinds of mysterious raw fish so long as I dunked it in soy sauce and wasabe long enough.

Side note: When the organizer first introduced himself to me, he noted that I did not look at all like my picture on my webpage, which makes me think that perhaps I should update it.

Side note, 2: While they do all sorts of food well here in Taipei, they do pastries extremely well. I have shown reasonable dietary restraint thus far, although the eclair for breakfast was plainly a lapse.

Anyway, I must return to preparing today's talk.

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