Wednesday, October 01, 2003

contest #4 update

While most of my Special Weblog Contests have had numerous entrants competing for glorious prizes,Special Creepy Weblog Contest #4 did not go over as well with readers. I did get an entry today, however, on the eve of the anniversary of Rock Hudson's death, to boot. From a reader from Somewhere On The Eighth Floor, Madison, WI:
I suspect it is a cousin to the "mound" that is outside the North Entrance
of the UW Hospital. Several years ago some sort of super-duper
radiotherapy device was brought in for the Cancer Center. They had to dig
a big hole to plop it in next to the building, then constructed a mound
over it, using whatever they needed to use to provide radiological
protection. Then, in an effort to cover up the top of the mound an artist
created a sculpture that marginally looks like a sundial...or a really bad
job of brick laying...depending on your artistic inclination and whether
the Wisconsin freeze/thaw has made the bricks shift.

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