Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Now Available For a Limited Time Only: Jeremy's Automatic Reply.

So as not to shirk my interim blog duties, I will try to revive Jeremy's web log every now and then over the next week or so with various posts that relate to all-things Jeremy. For starters, I've posted below Jeremy's automatic reply that (as he mentions in his last blog) he has activated for his email account. Really! Truly! If you email him right now, you'll get the following response:

Automatic reply: Jeremy Freese is now in Taiwan. He is resolved to have a good time and not be anxious about how he's not checking his e-mail, although these things can be a struggle for him. The moment your e-mail arrived in his inbox, he had this brief sense that someone was trying to tell him something, but then he put it out of his mind and went back to having a good time. He figures that you will understand. He will be back with souvenirs and renewed enthusiasm on Wednesday, October 30th.

Get your very own Automatic Reply from Jeremy today!

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