Saturday, October 18, 2003

gregg, some advice: count to ten before hitting 'send'

Gregg Easterbrook, the weekly NFL columnist whose columns have become so long as to become creepy (the topic of one of my previous posts) , has gotten in trouble and apologized for one of his own weblog rantings (the original post is here). What does he blame? That he writes too fast! (Well, and that in the world of the weblog he can put stuff out there to read before he has more of a chance to reflect on it. But, given how much he puts out, it's not apparent to me that he has much of a chance to reflect on any of it anyway.)

BTW, in addition to writing about football and politics, Easterbrook has a whole series of columns about religion available here. No word on how many new columns on other topics Easterbrook may have written since I started this post seven minutes ago.

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