Saturday, May 12, 2007

video killed the ratio star

Check out Chris's post about the Harvard Economics Department's graduate recruitment video and associated parodies. I was maybe thirty seconds into the real video before I realized that it was not, itself, some kind of joke ("Whoa, they really found someone who looks like Ed Glaeser... Wait, that really is Ed Glaeser, you wouldn't think he would have such a spectacular ironic sense of humor... Wait, this isn't supposed to be funny.")

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eszter said...

FYI, IHE covered this back in December. I hope you get those two papers done soon so you can get back to surfing more and finding some more up-to-date and less well-known material. Plus I'd like to wrap up the volume.:-) (Okay, I don't mean to pressure you too much, yours is not the only piece left to send in.)

Here is a video perhaps of interest, got this from some Econ friends back in December ("reminiscing" about grad school):