Tuesday, May 22, 2007

walk the talk, squawk the squawk

I've agreed to stand at the starting line and begin running a half marathon on Sunday. Which is hilarious is many respects, at least until I'm out there running and wishing I had prepared more and whining, whining, whining. In any case, however uncertain I am about my own fitness, I'm still sure I could trounce my original running partner right now if she hadn't been too chicken to enter. Bwawk! Bwawk!

(Is that the correct typing of what a chicken sounds like? I type the noise I make when I imitate a chicken, and 'Bwawk' seems right.)

Said running partner will always be cherished not only for her patience through times of much lower fitness, but also for allowing me to sing Kirsty MacColl's "Terry" to myself for inspiration toward the end of our runs. ("Terry wants my photograph." Really--I know few things for sure in this world, but one is: life is too short to spend it with someone who shows no interest in having a photograph of you.)

BTW, be sure to congratulate Kieran if you haven't.


H said...

I've always typed "bawk, bawk" but now I think "bwawk" sounds better.

Sarahliz said...

I think bawk, bawk is the typical spelling, though your spelling makes a lot of sense. Google offers ~33,000 findings for "bawk bawk" and only a bit more than 200 for "bwawk bwawk"

Simpleton said...

Terry was helpful to you in the early days, but by the time we ran our 13.1, you didn't need him to get you through. I, however, would have probably walked the last mile and a half if not for you.

Anonymous said...

With the exclamation points sounds to me more like a duck, But then, your chickens may just have a midwestern accent, so bwawk if you must.

AK said...

i think it is "bok bok, b'gawk." and my mom has chickens. east coast accents?