Sunday, May 20, 2007

zuzu's pedals

Remember the end of It's A Wonderful Life where all those people show up and dump out buckets full of money on behalf of George Bailey? This is like that. Only buckets are not required, the reason money is needed is not because somebody's oaf brother lost it, and the money is not going to cover the debt of the Bailey Building and Loan.*

Sal, possessor of one of the finest souls on this planet, needs about $500. He agreed to raise $2500 for the AIDS LifeCycle ride he has been training madly for, and he's $500 short with a week to go. I am not here going to make some telethon-like statement of the good works done by the folks at AIDS Lifecycle, but information can be found from the links from Sal's donation page, which is here. So, give some money for people living with HIV/AIDS. If the goodness of that deed is not enough to convince you to give, then give some money for Sal, who has been working very hard both getting ready for this and in doing fundraising.** And if that is also somehow not enough, do it for me and for yourself, because Sal is totally going to owe me one if a substantial dent in his $500 is made from contributions resulting from this post, and I will be sure to collect on this in some way that will provide entertaining fodder on this blog when we are both living in Evanston. Promise.

Again, the page to donate is here. Give. I won't ask you to give until it hurts, but do give until it stings a bit. Give until it smarts.

* Something I've always wondered: all these people were giving George Bailey all the savings they squirreled away, but then the Hee-Haw guy telegrams and says he can basically advance George all the money he needs. What happens then? Do the friends take back the money? I know I would. "George, you know I totally had your back, but you don't need my nestegg now that you've got Hee-Haw Guy ponying up money he won't even miss."

** Including, if you look at his messages of support, convincing me to give twice, so my money is where my mouth is here.


john said...

Sam Wainwright is, I believe, the Hee-Haw guy. I have a lot of respect for him.

Kim said...

The extra money is necessary to stuff in George Bailey's one good ear, lest he go completely deaf from the piercing line, "teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings."

jeremy said...

Yes, Sam Wainwright! Here's to the Hee-Haw guy!

I always thought George was awfully cavalier about protecting that other ear.