Saturday, May 12, 2007

jello shots

In my inbox of recently received comments on posts:
Syd Vicious has left a new comment on your post "jello operator":

I know this blog [sic] is terribly old but this story got brought up today and I did a google search for evidence because no one belived me.

My brother was a coroner in Alameda County CA (the county that Oakland is in) and dog gonnit there WERE twins with these names. My brother picked one of them up one cold night in the coroner van. I CONFIRM LEMONJELLO AND ORANGELLO!
The post in question describes how the book Freakonomics mentions African-American twins named Orangejello and Lemonjello (pronounced o-RANJ-el-o and le-MOHN-je-lo), how I was deeply skeptical that twins with these names actually existed outside urban legend, how I was surprised to look in the back of Freakonomics and see that the source credited for the story was the sociologist Doug McAdam (who is said to have met the twins in a grocery store), how I was even more surprised when I e-mailed McAdam and he vouched for the anecdote, and how various cursory efforts of mine to use sources online to verify the existence of the twins had proven fruitless, although I could find other people who had made other claims about the existence of these twins in other places and other times.

Naturally, the person who left the above comment didn't have an e-mail attached to his blogger profile so I can ask for verification from his coroner brother.

If I were independently wealthy, I think I would just offer a reward to anyone who could provide me verifiable evidence of the existence of these twins, sort of the way people who are skeptical of the supernatural claims have a reward for anyone who can produce verifiable evidence of supernatural abilities.

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