Monday, May 07, 2007

annals of persuasion

From an e-mail received earlier:
>dear jeremey:
>do you have time to proof read this paper tonight? [snip]
Ways to get me to proofread a paper even when I don't have time to do so: misspell my name and "proofread" in the request.

(As it happened, the paper itself was almost entirely typo-free.)


Dan Myers said...

I think the appropriate response is, "No, but I did have time to proofread your email message!"

eszter said...

So you read the paper? And who sends you this type of email, with such short notice no less?

Brad Wright said...

Two misspellings today:
* I was looking through an issue of Sociological Perspectives, and the table of contents listed "Riviewers"
* Found out that the announcement for a new president for UConn has two typos/ grammatical errors in the first sentence.

Though, those of us who live in glass houses...