Thursday, May 31, 2007

dispatch from aspen

thank you slide from aspen presentation
("thank you" slide at the end of my presentation today.)

I'm here for my third and final conference for my fellowship program. I'm sitting on my patio doing e-mail rather than hiking or any of those other associated activities that I feel like I'm really supposed to enjoy but, beyond the sunshine, really don't.

Because the Aspen airport is closed for repairs, we had to book flights to Denver and then drive. My flight left early Wednesday morning. I arranged Tuesday night for the cab to pick me up at 6:45, and, unlike my usual last-minute style, I packed most of my things the night before. I still set my alarm for 5:45, and when I woke up with the alarm I thought, "I probably can be ready in 20-30 minutes. What the hell am I going to do for an hour?" So, then, next thing I know I open my eyes again and the clock says 6:45 and there is a taxi honking outside. I sit up in bed, and for whatever reason I've got a nosebleed. So, then, I put on pants and run downstairs and outside shirtless holding my nose, to tell the cab driver to wait 5 minutes. (Me, going outside shirtless, I don't know if I've done that since high school, so you know we are talking desperate times.) I run to go back up to my apartment, and I realize I have locked myself out.

And, yet, everything managed to work out okay and I was on my flight in time. Moreover, for those who wonder from my recounts of misadventures whether I am completely hopeless, my talk today seemed to go over really well.


eszter said...

The slide is great. You, a bit hopeless. But glad to hear the talk went well!

Anonymous said...

so how did you get back into your apartment???

rps said...

I can't believe you went streaking through Cambridge and I missed it!

Anonymous said...

What are/were you wearing -- clean clothes, no clothes, or ??????
(might've affected how your talk went).

Anonymous said...

My friend's daughter used to get nosebleeds quite a bit right before she started menstruating.

Maybe this is a way your body is adjusting to a more feminized lifestyle?