Thursday, April 21, 2005

standing outside, waiting for the big yellow sin wagon to come take me to middle school

On my way into campus this morning, I was driving behind a car with a bumper sticker that said "Cherokee Middle School: We're PROUD!" Being of a religious turn of mind lately, I wondered which other of the seven deadly sins one might imagine middle school parents bragging about on a bumper sticker: "Cherokee Middle School: We're GLUTTONS!" or "Cherokee Middle School: We're LUSTY!" Additionally, it turns out, the Cherokee Middle School sports teams are nicknamed the Greedy Sloths.


dorotha said...

sometimes you really make me laugh, jeremy. thanks.

unfortunately, my amusement was tempered by the fact that this week i have graded 10 poorly written papers about the debate over native american school mascots.

now i feel sort of grouchy.

Anonymous said...

I laughed too. Sin wagon, ha ha ha. This was almost as funny as the anonymous poster that got all the discussion going in the last post.

Corrie said...

Greedy Sloths- that's so cool! I had no idea a middle school made me their mascot.