Friday, April 08, 2005

a madison moment

All I'm saying: it's 5pm on a Friday afternoon, and the area between the TA office and the restrooms here at 8th Floor Social Science reeks of something that smells--and, granted, my nose hardly is a beveragespectrometer--a whole lot like beer. Reeks, I tell you. Why this might be, I cannot even speculate.

Meanwhile, I continue to toil in my office, and will remain here for several hours.


dorotha said...

the 8th floor TA office, right?

dorotha said...

i mean, cuz we would never do that on the 7th floor.

Anonymous said...

vino verite

has an parallel in english

from beer derives truth

Anonymous said...

you know, there are plenty of offices between the TA office and the 8th floor bathroom. Did it ever occur to you that it could be, say, that really subpar benefits administrator?
no, of course not, just INSINUATE that the TAs are to blame!

jeremy said...

I will leave it to readers to judge whether I was actually INSINUATING anything in the previous post, or even insinuating anything, or even proto-insinuating anything.

Regarding Dorotha's comments, I will certainly not speculate on whatever might go on in the 7th floor TA office, although I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I have walked by there and not only thought I smelled something that might be alcohol, but also something that might have been a rotting corpse.

Anonymous said...

The corpse smell probably was a corpse. The 7th floor TAs are notorious for killing students who disagree with them.