Thursday, January 06, 2005

ye olde blogging shoppe

One of the great gifts I received this Christmas season was some candy from a business apparently being run by some patrilineal relatives of mine. I guess I'm pleased to know that when Freeses get into the finicky craft of nut-roasting, the results are heavenly rather than hellish. That said, I hope the owners are not that closely related to me, as I would like to think that my own proximate gene pool contains protective alleles that would prevent a phenotype-that-goes-into-proprietorship from using the "shoppe" spelling in their business name instead of just "shop".


Ann Althouse said...

How about some alleles that would prevent prevent a phenotype-that-goes-into-blogging from putting the period to the right of the quotation mark?

dorotha said...

man, claire and ann sure are giving you a lot of crap, jeremy. are you going to take this lying down?

jeremy said...

Yes, conflict aversion is in my genes, there's nothing I can do about it. Except perhaps make some candy.