Wednesday, January 26, 2005

livin' la vida karaoka

How tired was I last night? So much so, that I decided that, despite feeling wheelbarrows full of enthusiasm, I just had to get some sleep rather than go to the sociology department's karaoke night. How badly does karaoke need me? So much so, that when the Karaoke Kid heard I wasn't coming, they decided not to open last night, leaving scores of eager sociologists dismal in the snow. Sorry, all. I didn't realize I was so crucial for everyone's good time.


dorotha said...

ah! i suddenly understand the significance of that big floating head at the top of the page!

Anonymous said...

He probably stayed home and saw the Badger Boys get an old fashioned butt 'whuppin at the hands of Illinois - I was hoping the BB would win, but no such luck

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind seeing more Mysticism in this Blog.
(Arnold Swogstein)