Monday, January 10, 2005

dispatch from boston

My flight was five hours delayed, and, by the time I got to my room, I could not hit the "In-Room Dining" button on the phone fast enough. Where else does one get the opportunity to spend $25 on a late-night snack?

Which, incidentally, isn't even the most egregious waste of money on food I have made this week. Earlier this week I ate at the Madison restaurant Firefly, where I got a lo mein dish that tasted exactly like one of the offerings in the Ethnic Gourmet line of microwaveable meals (and, believe me, I know my microwaveables). This after a crab rangoon appetizer that was unambiguously inferior to the crab rangoon you would get off any rearguard Chinese buffet. The Firefly meal was probably about $25 for me, as well, and it left me feeling vaguely poisoned afterward.

Anyway, I'm all set up here in my hotel room in Cambridge. I'm here until Wednesday, when I fly to Ann Arbor for a couple of days. Then it's back to Madison for the weekend, and then three days in Berkeley. Yes, this would be a lot of traveling, especially for someone who really doesn't like to travel. And somewhere in here I also have to get my graduate methods course (upgrade to version 4.0) ready for the upcoming semester.


dorotha said...

um... what exactly did you get for your snack? palak paneer with oyster crackers? a bowl of algae and some wood chips? day old guacamole and broken tortilla chips?

Anonymous said...

Well, welcome to our fine city. Is there a reason for this world tour of elitist bastions of liberalism ("If it's Tuesday, it must be Ivy League...")?

Other than sampling the quality of hotel food in various parts of the country. Obviously.

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... cambridge, ann arbor, berkeley.... sounds sort of like a tour of prospective universities to me....

jeremy, are you leaving us?

A+ said...

It's about time someone outed Firefly as having subpar food. I went there once and ordered a Thai iced tea; I got cofeehouse chai. When I thought that the server had just misunderstood me, I said, "Oh, you know, I think I ordered Thai iced tea? This tastes like chai? ..." And she goes, "Yeah... they're the same thing here."


Also, the food was gross.

Anonymous said...

Firefly is so funny!

Patron: "I'd like a water, please."

Waitress: "Sure."

(15 minutes pass; waitress brings stir fry to patron)

Waitress: "Here's your water. Can I get you anything else?"

jeremy said...

Firefly does deserve miniprops for the edamame they serve before the appetizer. But I'm never going back there.

dorotha said...

can you please tell me what you ordered from room service? i really can't tell. is it spinach dip and melba toast?

jeremy said...

Spinach and artichoke dip with chips, and some soup.