Saturday, January 01, 2005

the intermittent masculinity of jeremy freese

Today I'm hanging out in the abode of a colleague who is out of the country and left me with custody of her digital cable. When I was mentioning how New Year's Day is my favorite holiday, I forgot the college football part. Earlier, I watched beloved Hawkeyes upset the favored Louisiana State Tigers in the Capital One Bowl. Then, I began watching Texas and Michigan play in the Rose Bowl. I missed most of the middle of that game, however, as some channel surfing during a commercial break resulted in my being sucked into a TBS showing of You've Got Mail.


Anonymous said...

Iowa was hardly an underdog to LSU, at least not to anybody with any sense who followed the college football season. They were underrated all year, and survived a very tough conference schedule with only one loss. LSU was only ranked as high as it was because it won the BCS title last year -- the opposite of Auburn's problem, which was that they started with a low ranking, so they were kept out of the title game this year, despite having a very strong case for being a better team than either Oklahoma or USC. Frankly, I was surprised Iowa didn't beat the shit out of LSU.

jeremy said...

Anon, you should have put big money on your pro-Hawkeye intuitions, as Iowa was a 6 or 6 1/2 point underdog going into the game.