Saturday, January 22, 2005

(simulblogging) dinner@nina's

7:00 pm: Okay, the blogger dinner is underway. In attendance: Tom, Tonya, Ann, Nina, and me. We've started the evening drinking champagne, in a curious celebration of a turn of events in one of our lives that has not actually, as yet, happened.

7:05 pm: Cameras are out. I'm sitting on one of these new stools that Nina has bought, that may be among the most awesome pieces of furniture I've ever seen. I might steal mine. When she reveals they only cost $99, I am tempted to order a dozen.

7:14 pm: Already there has been a discussion about whether truth-in-blogging requires one to write posts about gastrointestinal issues. Now, we've moved onto blogging about the strange drooling and spitting behaviors of others.

7:18 pm: Tonya comes over and reads what I'm blogging over my shoulder. She's quickly bored and moves on.

7:24 pm: First Google game of the evening: Will searching [ "Central Park" "rough sex" murder ] be enough to bring up the Preppy Murder case as the first entry? (Tonya's idea, btw.) Answer: Yes!

7:30 pm: Nina is engaged in retaliatory temperature control. Last time we all ate over here, we had to complain and stage a coup'd'temp because it was like 90 degrees here. So now, she's opened up a window and has the winter wind swooshing through here. I feel a need to keep typing so as not to lose any fingers to frostbite.

7:44 pm: Dinner. Suspension of simulblogging.

8:45 pm: Dinner over. Apples and Polish cheese on the table. Meanwhile, electronic photos of children are circulating. Not to be outdone, Nina is pulling out several thick albums of photos. Oh look, her daughters in little sailor suits--how adorable! Now her daughters dressed like the characters in the Wizard of Oz. Now they're holding up something that looks like a giant trout. What fun!

8:55 pm: Nina broke a glass while I was in the bathroom. Meanwhile, there's like a Rashomon-like reconstruction of what were the events that led up to the shattering.

9:02pm: Nina is now trying to pour cognac down our throats. I haven't had this much peer pressure regarding alcohol since high school out in rural Iowa. I stand firm with white wine.

9:03pm: Tonya nudges me and shows me the thumbnails of her Dave Matthews photo folder. She has something on the order of a thousand photos of him. She starts visibly salivating as she scrolls through them. You'd think Nina served up another course of tenderloin.

9:05pm: More photos going around. Why is everyone on the planet more photogenic than me? (A: Because everyone on the planet is actually better-looking than me.)

9:19pm: Tonya denies that she was salivating over the Dave Matthews photos. She's lying!

9:30pm: Nina and Ann are re-living some dispute they had 20 years ago about the starting time of their respective classes. Further evidence of the old rule that if you didn't resolve a dispute a couple decades ago when it was going on, you aren't going to resolve it now.

9:40pm: After vetoing the post-ability roughly two hundred different photos of her, Tonya is now complaining that Ann doesn't have any photos of her on her blog. "It's like you've erased me or something. It's like I'm not even here."

9:50pm: Nina breaks out the game. Hoopla. I've never played it. Ann seems skeptical. I'm hoping if it is lame Ann will take over the cranky work of vetoing it.

post 9:50pm: Hoopla festivities discussed in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

Read the good news in the simul-blogs. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy: I guess we're all catching up to the enormously good news on other blogs. It really couldn't happen to a nicer person. Congratulations.

claire said...


But I'm also puzzled. A giant trout?

Ann Althouse said...

Hoopla was fun, and Jeremy easily beat us all. At one point I was called upon to act out "Silicon Valley," and I decided to basically give up and do nothing more than point to one of the computers. Jeremy got the answer in a few seconds.

nina said...

My ultra-high competitive streak is kicking in so that I need to clarify. Yes, Hoopla was great fun. Yes Jeremy beat us all. Reason: he is a terrific guesser of others' weird attempts to convey something. On the other hand, when next you see him, ask him to act out what he believes is a credible rendition of the word "motel." See if you think that anyone in their right mind would have guessed the word based on the performance (none of us did).
Claire: no photo albums were actually presented. I, in fact, only showed one photo, from this year, of my two daughters and they looked quite un-fish-like. Sometimes simul-bloggers get quite carreid away with the moment. One thing that is definitely true: this group of bloggers is super fun, funny, fantastic (have you played Hoopla? I just gave you a "tongue tied" clue; Jeremy would have screamed: Us! And, as usual, he would have been right).

jeremy said...

Clarification #1: Ann did indeed correctly guess "motel" from the clue I gave.

Clarification #2: Readers will note that, pace Nina's last comment, I did not say in my post that her daughters looked like fish.

Ann Althouse said...

Nina, I totally got "motel" from Jeremy's performance. He was driving, then he got tired (that is, he did the steering wheel gesture + yawning). You're driving, you get tired, and then some incomprehensible stuff, but the point was if you're driving and you get tired ... fill in the blank. I will say his attempt at "Woodstock" really was genuinely indecipherable.

nina said...

Okay okay okay! Someone is a tired reader/rememberer and that someone is me. I'll just stay with the last part of my comment: you guys are totally fun to cook for.

Tonya said...

Not to quibble too much (or maybe I do), but I don't agree that Jeremy "easily beat us all." I came in a pretty close second. And Jeremy's score is suspect anyway because he was keeping score. Think of when you play monopoly. Ever notice how the person who is the banker always seems to have the most money?

jeremy said...

Yes, indeed, Tonya was a close second, and a better clue-giver than I will ever be. Moreover, Nina would have beaten us all resoundingly had the scoring been based on wild-claims-to-have-guessed-the-answer-first as opposed to who actually guessed the answer first.

Ann Althouse said...

Sorry, Tonya. No one ever once actually said what the score was. I asked a few times, but no one ever answered so I never really had any idea what it was. That game was fun to play knowing score. I had a lot of laughs, though I can't really remember anything that funny that anyone said, except when Jeremy said "Starbucks is all about masturbation," but I've forgotten the whole context where that fit. Actually, it seems pretty funny out of context.