Thursday, July 29, 2004

something tells me i'm in for something dead

As Dorotha has probably already explained at some point on her weblog, her mother collects dead creatures, keeping some of them in a freezer in their house. Yesterday, Dorotha sent me an e-mail asking if I wanted her to bring me back any souvenir from her ongoing trip to Texas. Presumably you can connect the dots; if not: "Sure. Fetch me something dead from your mom's freezer." Apparently Mrs. Harried is now "REALLY excited" at the prospect of providing me with such a present. I did ask D. to confirm that any gift was (1) really, truly, irreversibly dead and (2) something that could be readily scanned for posting to my weblog. She responded that I shouldn't "look a gift horse in the mouth", which, if not for flight restrictions on the size of luggage, would make me worry I was due to receive the carefully-cryogenically-preserved corpse of Seabiscuit. Anyway, I'll keep y'all posted.

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