Wednesday, July 14, 2004

short post consistent my current state of bloggerly restraint, if not exactly more general weblary restraint

Check out the account of a phone call between Salon's editor, Ralph Nader, and Nader's spokesperson. While I disagree with several things the Salon editor says, the tenor and content of the exchange does seem to add further to the accumulating evidence for the "psycho" theory of Nader's candidacy. (Note that, in an unexpected bit of fealty to my sociology credentials, I am usually reticient to endorse "psycho" theories. However, when the cracked-glass slipper of insanity so snugly fits, any rational prince would conclude that he must be staring at his Psychorella.)

Still, it would be nice to see Salon (or somebody else) run a story sometime that tries to figure out who Nader's supporters are and why they are backing him. Not the 0.001% or less that are volunteering to work for his campaign, but the 2-4% who are telling pollsters they plan to vote for him. If a story like this does exist and I just haven't seen it, let me know.

Okay, it's almost midnight, meaning that I have to post and exit Blogger before I turn into a pumpkin myself.

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