Saturday, July 10, 2004

but that was my plan c!

Last week, I discovered someone else doing my Plan B. And now I check out and what do I see:
"Diners at a McDonald's in southern Norway were stunned when a man dressed as the U.S. fast food chain's mascot Ronald McDonald launched into a diatribe criticizing its policies and food, the outlet's owner said Friday.

The man -- a performance artist -- was arrested by police summoned by restaurant staff when he refused to leave and continued his tirade against the Oak Brook, Illinois-based fast food chain. The incident made national news in Norway on Friday.

"He was screaming and yelling. It was very unpleasant," said Alf Floernes, owner of the restraurant in the southern town of Kristiansand, by telephone. "It was supposedly some sort of art. If that is art, I'm a truck."

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