Tuesday, July 06, 2004

dispatch from santa monica

I'm writing this from my hotel in Santa Monica, allowing me to add California to the list of States From Which I've Blogged. As befitting a flight to LA, I sat one row back and across the aisle (i.e., diagonally, or, as we say on the farm, kitty-cornered) from Somebody Sorta Famous. Given my estrangement from popular culture, I have no idea who he was. A college-aged couple sitting behind me approached him midflight to have their picture taken with him. The flight attendant said something about how she especially liked his show because she'd had four children in five years. I heard someone behind me say something that made it sound like his name was "Todd" and he had something to do with "TLC", which at first made me think he was the guy they were bringing in to replace the late Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes on their Reunion Tour, but then I realized that TLC is not just a band but also an acronym for The Learning Channel. He was a tall blond guy, one of those guys men are surprised to discover that women find attractive because he strikes men as having weirdly prominent, Cro-Magnon-mannish eyebrows. You know the type. Anyway, he couldn't have been that famous, as he was flying in coach.

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