Sunday, July 04, 2004


If you read this soon after I post it, check out Dorotha trying to fix her template. She's all tangled up in HTML. Use the e-mail address listed on her site--if the formatting is sufficiently coherent on your screen for you to read it--to taunt her (or if you are one of those knowledgable-do-gooder-types, you can help her, I suppose).

Even in the form it is in this moment, the template is still an improvement over its predecessor, which had a clashing color scheme (perhaps just on my monitor) that made me want to claw my eyes out, even worse than that time I discovered that I had accidentally murdered my father and married my mother.

Actually, she's made progress even since I started this post. In Dorotha's defense, an annoying thing about Blogger is that you can't tell from the preview exactly what your template is going to look like, so you have to publish it as you make modifications.

Update, 3:50pm: Now she has everything in pretty good shape. Props to her for the line "It's like this: I need more attention. Read or don't."

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