Wednesday, July 14, 2004

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Note that Althouse is celebrating its six-month anniversary today, on the heels of the recent appearance of its proprietor on a radio show about blogging. And, for that matter, this event comes only a week after this weblog's one year anniversary. A brief statistical comparison of two UW faculty weblogs:

JFW: In existence 53 weeks, 842 posts, 192K words, implying an average of .54 BWPWM.*

A: In existence 26 weeks, 993 posts, 232K words, implying an average of 1.33 BWPWM.

BTW, JFW is honored to have a post linked by A on its half-year anniversary. Although, look, my sidebar list of detested words has already expanded by more than a power of three.

* Blog Words Per Waking Minute, a metric I invented just now but which seems sensible, based on a 16-hour waking day. Incidentally, I read recently that Ronald Reagan's presidential diaries were a half-million words (in longhand! while President! Not to mention that, as a further disadvantage to his diary productivity, he also had to write most entries backwards and in high heels). This translates to a impressive DWPWM of .18, or .19 if you consider that Reagan much preferred getting nine hours of sleep instead of eight.

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