Monday, July 26, 2004

twist 'em like a pretzel, minnesota

Following the link from Ann, I took the state quiz. While she got to be anchored- down-in-Anchorage, I get to hang with Prince and Paul Westerberg:
You're Minnesota!

You love hanging out around lakes, even if they're frozen solid. Given
your probable Scandanavian heritage, it all just demonstrates that you're pining for the
fjords. Your obsession with wrestling got a little carried away for a while there, and this should prompt some serious reflection about the separation of mind and body. It may be time to celebrate, even throw your hat up in the air. You're going to make it after all.
Speaking of "obsession with wrestling," I have not yet noted on my weblog that when I was last back to the family farm, I retrieved this scrapbook that my high-school-girlfriend's mother had made for me as a graduation present. This wonderful-wonderful woman had meticulously saved years of issues of my hometown paper for just such occasions, and she went digging back through them for Jeremy Freese coverage to clip-and-paste for the scrapbook. As a result of her efforts, then, I can here provide photographic evidence of me pinning someone, back in the day:

Update, 9 am: I receive an almost immediate e-mail from a reader from Skinnytaunter, WI: "The interesting thing is that you were wrestling at 135 lbs. Are you sure you shouldn't go for a walk IMMEDIATELY, BRISKLY, RIGHT NOW BEFORE YOU DOUBLE THAT FIGURE????" And people wonder why I haven't activated my comments feature yet. But, anyway, if you think 135 pounds is impressive, when I was a freshman in high school, I was about 5-foot-8 and wrestled at 112 pounds--and had further slimmed down to where I was all ready to make weight at 105 pounds when my season was ended by mono (imagine that). Some time after that my metabolism slowed down. Even so, and despite The Astonishing Weight Gain of 2003, I haven't doubled that last figure either.

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