Sunday, July 01, 2007


This begins my last month in Cambridge. People keep asking me what things I want to make sure to do before I go. My answers are not especially inspiring, other than that I want to make sure I finish my quest to see all the planets in the Boston model solar system. Today, Sara and I went to Pluto, whose demotion to dwarf planet status I fully endorse but is part of Boston's system and so part of my quest. Pluto is at the Riverside T stop, which is the furthest stop out on the Green Line. We got there and there was all these buses, because the station had been closed due to some problem. Still, our bubbly astronomical enthusiasm was good enough to talk our way over the construction tape and up to the platform.


We also went to visit Brandeis University, including a stop by this peace garden they have there:

peace garden

If you look close, you can see I'm wearing my man purse. It was pointed out that the buttons on my man purse do not exactly suggest success at fulfilling whatever inner peace goals the peace garden may have:

man purse

As for the planets quest, the major obstacle to completion would seem to be--cue the Beavis laugh-track--Uranus, as the Saturn's location is only a few blocks from my house and the Sun is at the Museum of Science.


sara said...

R. Kelly's new album includes a song called "Sex Planet" that is all solar system sexual innuendo. Apparently, he's now the intergalactic incarnation of the punning piratess we encountered in Salem.

dorotha said...

i can't read the images on both buttons. one is about clowns the other is...?

jeremy said...

The word "drama" above a drawing of a queen. It's Jane Jenni:

H said...

I love that you have a man purse. And you're not ashamed to call it that!

eszter said...

Yay, Pluto! Time to establish a new goal for Evanston and area. Thoughts?

jeremy said...

H: "man purse" was imposed upon it enough times that I internalized it.

Eszter: Maybe I should do something with Chicago's 30-odd neighborhoods.

eszter said...

It may be better to start a bit smaller. Than again, you'll probably be around for a while. I was thinking: how about going out to see every end station of El lines? This would certainly get you a bunch of neighborhoods, but with something more concrete. And it's a bit more manageable with about a dozen locations. I'll join. Can cross Howard and Linden plus O'Hare off the list right now. The Loop doesn't really count, but that's easy anyway.