Wednesday, July 11, 2007

social forces: the top 3 journal that isn't even in the top 10 in sociology impact rankings

See post here at orgtheory, with the full sociology top 10 listed in the comments. Also, see earlier post and follow-up of mine in which I dispute the usefulness of the idea of "Top 3 journals" in sociology anymore, especially if taken seriously for the purposes of rankings of quality-productivity of either individual faculty or whole departments.

Of course, many people who read this blog don't care about sociology journals, and for you I have a beatboxing flutist doing the Beverly Hills Inspector Gadget theme song, which is at least worth watching for upwards of a minute if you've never seen it (HT to a certain diva whose secret blog I rip off again and again):

I have decided that at next month's ASA meetings, I will help restore some of the luster to Social Forces by staging a performance in which I do a beatboxing reading of one of its articles. Details to follow.


Brayden said...
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Brayden said...

As a commenter noted, this downturn in citation impact for Social Forces may just be temporary. For many specialty areas, SF hasn't yet lost all of its luster.

BTW, your anonymous commenters are drifting over to orgtheory because you won't give them free reign over here.

sara said...

I already was looking forward to the ASA meeting, but now I can hardly wait!

Ken Houghton said...

It would be "What Sara Said," but I don't plan on breaking in.

I trust someone will be there with a digital video camera (unsubtle hint).