Friday, July 20, 2007

what photoshop giveth, the internet tmzeth away, the website dedicated to gleefully chronicling and promoting the decline of our civiilization*, has posted the above side-by-side comparison of Faith Hill as she appears on the cover of Redbook and Faith Hill as she appeared at the Redbook cover photo shoot.

* No offense to Carly.


dorotha said...

they made her arm freakishly thin. honestly, how could people be fooled by that?

carly said...

I actually think she looks better in the un-retouched photo. She's very pretty, and natural.

And no offense taken. Pete is perfectly aware that he works for the devil. So long as he's ok with it, so am I ;-)

Brayden said...

I like the untouched photo too. Freakishly smooth skin is too alien-like for my taste.

AK said...

Yikes! Looks like they digitally removed some ribs. Not to mention getting rid of the cute little nose-scrunch she seems to be making in the original.

Kim said...

check out this series of photoshop miracles.

I'm not a big fan of "evil media" explanations for social ills. Still,
one has to wonder about the link
between this kind of anti-reality reality and the prevalence of eating disorders and other "body issues" among women in the prime beauty-rag-reading demographics.

Ken Houghton said...

Shira has noted that during the last two seasons of friends, Lisa Kudrow never had bare arms in any scene with Mses. Anniston or Cox-CharleyWeaver.

Why they're trying to fool anyone. I mean, at 24, Faith Hill was still on her first marriage (or recently free of it) and spending most of her time crucifying Janis Joplin.