Sunday, July 22, 2007


"Okay, talk to you later, Muggle Girl."
"Did you just call me Muggle Girl?"
"I did."
"Take it back. If the Harry Potter universe existed, I would be a pureblood."
"I would not be a pureblood."
"I would be a pureblood but a blood traitor. I would be scandalous for the promiscuous way I would snuggle with muggles."
"If you were a pureblood, [Relative A] would be a squib."
"[Relative A] would definitely be a squib. [Relative B] might be a squib, too."
"You would be a half-blood then, not a pureblood."
"I know I wouldn't muggle-born, though, because my Mom would definitely be magic."

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