Friday, July 13, 2007


(me, demonstrating the proper way to put on the wriststrap while officiating the madison wii party)

I'm having a few people from my program over this evening to play Wii Sports. The Wii party in Madison at the end of May was a rousing success: grad students, postdocs, and faculty all appear to enjoy the idea of making little avatars of themselves and then boxing one another. The prediction about the outcome of the boxing tournament that a Wii-experienced friend in Cambridge had made--"a girl will win"--was borne out with an all-female final. The exact reason for the female advantage in Wii boxing, if it exists, is not obvious. I beat two manly men on the way to the semifinals, but then lost a split decision--the only non-knockout of the night--to Mr. Hegemonic Masculinity himself, Sal. He floats like a butterfly, and stings like a Wii.

Tonight will be far fewer people, and we will probably play tennis in addition to box. Given that we are a health policy program, I wanted to buy the game where you get to perform surgery, but I don't see how I'd be able to get to a store that sells video games and get my apartment clean before the party starts. Apparently part of the surgery game--I'm not making this up--is that if you carve a pentagram onto the patient's chest, the game rewards you with super surgical skills.


Brady said...

For the fourth of July, the Super Eights had an outdoor night-time Wii party with an LCD projector. It was awesome, but the next day found the entire band suffering from a variety of Wii-tendonitis and pulled muscles.

H said...

I hope I can find use for the "floats like a butterfly, stings like a Wii" line sometime soon. I also hope you don't mind that I'm stealing it from you.

jeremy said...

H: I'm happy to have you use my material, as I feel like it gets squandered being spent only on this blog.

Tina said...

The women kicked ass at the last Wii boxing event at my place, too.

H1: The women do better because they want it more, having a chance to finally box men without a size disadvantage.

H2: The men rely more on the big punches and the women go for jabs, the latter strategy being more Wiiffective.

H3: Girls rule, boys drool.

jeremy said...

In Madison, it seemed a version of H2, but instead of trying to land big punches, the men were trying more to be like boxers who were bobbing and weaving, but doing so ineffectually and throwing fewer punches as a result.