Thursday, July 12, 2007

meanwhile, the folks behind how to write your dissertation in fifteen minutes a day expected you to do that whole quarter hour in a row

I have a friend who is planning on writing a book in ten nonconsecutive days this summer. I advised her to check out the book How To Write A Book In Ten Nonconsecutive Days. Turns out, though, this book does not exist. I suggested she might write it during the off days of the ten nonconsecutive days writing the other book. She was not amused.

"I was so! I giggled! I was amused!"
"It doesn't work as well as a post if I say that you were amused."
"You always misrepresent what I say on your blog. This is why you don't have a label with my name for posts about me."

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Ang said...

At the beginning of that dissertation in 15 minutes a day book, don't they say that the title is a lie, and that you can't actually do that?