Monday, July 23, 2007

i have got to stop drinking so much coke zero

Really, truly. It's unhealthy and out of control. Any advice on kicking soda addiction is welcome.

"Knock knock"
"Who's there?"
"Banana who?"
"Knock knock"
"Who's there?"
"Banana who?"
"Knock knock"
"Who's there?"
"Orange who?"
"Orange you glad this isn't yet another post about Harry Potter?"


sara said...

I went on a week long silent meditation retreat in June, where I had no access to diet coke, coke cherry zero, etc. When I returned, I had no taste for diet soda; initially, it seemed really chemical-ly and gross to me. I've started drinking it again - mostly because I want the caffeine, I don't drink coffee, and good, unsweetened ice tea is not nearly as ubiquitous as I'd like - but my consumption is way down (only 20 oz/day! yes, that's way down...). So, that's my tip, my dear - cold turkey for a week, Zen optional.

jessica said...

I agree that cold turkey is the way to go.

I went without after my tonsillectomy (carbonation is no fun during recovery!) and find a drink much less now. I keep a 12 pack of Diet Coke in my desk, but only Snapple at home (which you'll find you can't get addicted to). I let myself have one can of Diet Coke a day from that office supply and will occasionally order one when I'm out to eat.

I will say that I've experienced a strange (but welcome) side-effect of the limited Diet Coke intake. I won't go into details, but you'll have to quit to see if you get any hidden benefits of overcoming that addiction!

Kieran said...

Get a Mac!

Oh sorry. Wrong issue.

Dan Myers said...

Unquestionably, the best way is to switch to something even worse. Like the Blue Monster...

eszter said...

I thought it was going to be "Orange you glad this isn't another banana?"

Regarding Coke addiction, I've managed to reduce my soda consumption to about 1/month. It wasn't easy at first, but I decided that of all the not-super-healthy things I consume, it is probably one of the yuckiest and would have fairly obvious implications. For example, all that sugar in that form can't be good for the teeth. Also, I visualize how all that sugar is piling up inside, and how much work it would take to get rid of it.

I found some teas that I love and that's what I drinks constantly all day (decaf). When I'm at a restaurant, I just get water. It took a while to get used to it, but now I don't crave soda anymore except about once/month.

As for Snapple, it is definitely possible to be addicted. I was addicted to Peach Snapple at some point in grad school.

dorotha said...

while reading these comments i was drinking water, thinking about how i should drink more water in general, and also, somehow, getting water into my sinuses. yep. that hurts. much less than if it were carbonated liquid i somehow snorked up into my brain, but it hurts anyway. maybe i should drink more water but breathe less as the two don't seem to work for me in combination.

i was going to give a long account of the time i stopped drinking coffee and soda, but it is both boring and has already been said. cold turkey and take a week off of everything you possibly can.

jessica said...

That's true, Eszter. I was a secretary once to a man who was addicted to Diet Peach Snapple and part of my job description was to go the neighboring 7-11 and buy them for him whenever he felt like having one. I ended up with a huge crush on the cashier, who was not very crush-worthy. I use that experience as an example of the "mere exposure effect" in my social psych class. I went to that 7-11 a lot.

I guess that I'm one of the lucky few who can't get addicted to iced tea.

wrigleyfield said...

I stopped drinking soda about 8 years ago after realizing that of all the unhealthy things I consume, this was one I wouldn't miss much once it was gone. I decided to keep eating most things I actively enjoy (even if they're not so great for me) but cut out the bad ones I had a habit of eating without getting as much pleasure out of them. I think this might be generally good dieting advice.

My suggestion: cultivate a water addiction instead. I've realized that lots of times when I drink coffee (my current drink addiction), it's actually just that I want to be drinking *something*, and water (carbonated or still) works just as well. With luck, this is true for you too.

I have mixed feelings about the cold-turkey advice. In its favor is that it's true that your tastes change. Now that I eat less sugar, some things I used to like taste unbearably sweet to me, so of course I'm not so tempted to eat them. I can certainly see this working with diet soda, since the artificial sweeteners really are fairly nasty. I think this is the way to go if you can do it.

But if you try cold turkey and you just can't stick with it, why not tell yourself you can have a coke zero after drinking water instead during a waiting period of a set length. This is an extension of the "will I miss this" concept: if you sit there drinking water (or whatever) for a while and realize you really do want a coke zero, then maybe you should have one. But you might realize that you just wanted some sort of beverage, or something to do with your hands, or whatever, and that you're not any less happier without a coke zero after all.

jeremy said...

Yes, Eszter, I like taking old jokes and coming up with new punchlines for them, to restore the freshness. This is why my all-time favorite joke is "Why was six afraid of seven?" "Because seven [insert any of various extremely creepy and/or lewd verbs here] nine."

Mary said...

This just in:

Latest Cardiovascular News
Study: Diet soda linked to heart risks
Jul 23, 6:07 PM EDT

Associated Press Writer

BOSTON (AP) -- People who drank more than one diet soda each day developed the same risks for heart disease as those who downed sugary regular soda, a large but inconclusive study found.

The results surprised the researchers who expected to see a difference between regular and diet soda drinkers. It could be, they suggest, that even no-calorie sweet drinks increase the craving for more sweets, and that people who indulge in sodas probably have less healthy diets overall.

The study's senior author, Dr. Vasan Ramachandran, emphasized the findings don't show diet sodas are a cause of increased heart disease risks. But he said they show a surprising link that must be studied.

watershed said...

water water WATER

just keep water with you instead and drink that when you feel like drinking coke.

it worked for me a bunch of years ago when I was trying to kick the "all the coffee you want for free" while working at Borders problem. and you'll have more energy.

Ang said...

Perhaps I'm all alone out here, but I think that the whole "soda is bad" thing is blown out of proportion to other things people do that are unhealthy.

I'm not saying soda, diet or otherwise, is good. I'm also not saying anyone on this post, including Jeremy, is necessarily doing this. It's just something I noticed. I know people who eat nearly a gallon of ice cream a week proclaim snootily that they don't drink soda because it's bad for you. People who smoke, who drink excessively, who never exercise, who eat hamburgers three times a week. These are not exaggerations; I swear I know people who have done this. And the awesomest part is the smuggitude with which they say it.

Anyway. The time I got off soda I did it by drinking fizzy water with lemon. It satisfied my fizz craving and got me moving towards plain, flat water.

Mary said...

Ooh... good aside Ang.

Living in Madison, I always wondered about the vegitarian/vegans who liked to go drinking and smoking cigarettes. Nothing wrong with that at all.

But then you get all preachy about consuming non-organic foods? I didn't get it. (It's not the cruelty to animals issue either; they would actually get upright about their "healthy" eating habits but then drink to the point of puking. Kids these days!)

dorotha said...

huh. well i don't eat meat and try to buy organic foods, but i don't actually like animals and i don't care how much fat/sugar i consume. am i allowed to drink beer and soda?

Mary said...

If you're an adult dorotha, you're in control of yourself (like it or not) so suit yourself :)

Do you preach to others the benefits of an organic, meatless lifestyle? Are you educated on proteins and enzymes and getting "enough" in your diet? If so, I'm honestly curious... where do people think the excess alcohol goes? Doesn't it mix with that healthy organic meal in there somewhere?

Not picking on you dorotha, honestly curious if these people really think their vegan lifestyle is healthier. Wouldn't it be better to eat "heavy" so the food offsets the alcohol consumption? (Again, not talking moderate drinkers here, but liquid diets supplemented with organics.)

nina said...

I don't get soda addiction, so I am way out of line here, but it seems to me that setting rules for yourself is so tedious! Can't you just aim to eat healthy stuff and cut back on unhealthy stuff? Eventually you'll not want the junk. I speak as the oldest commenter here, I'm sure, but still, ease up on yourself. Let go of as much as you can and if you love coke zero (ugh!) -- eh, what the hell. It will not kill you. Really, it will not (too many other contenders for the glory of doing you in out there).
BTW< I also don't get the "replacement" idea. Why do people need to drink something, anything, all day long? Drink when you're thirsty, eat when you're hungry.
Okay, back to my macchiato. Can't live without my macchiato.

Mary said...

Perhaps I'm all alone out here, but I think that the whole "soda is bad" thing is blown out of proportion to other things people do that are unhealthy.

I'm not saying soda, diet or otherwise, is good. I'm also not saying anyone on this post, including Jeremy, is necessarily doing this.

Just to point out, the original post concluded with this:

"It's unhealthy and out of control. Any advice on kicking soda addiction is welcome." So me, for example, is not trying to convince/persuade. Just, "hey, here's something I just read" which goes along with what you requested.

Eat, drink, man, woman!

eszter said...

You mean that "Orange you glad I'm not another banana?" is how the original goes?

Ken Houghton said...

Absolutely, eszter. Just as "eight" would normally go into jeremy's other joke.