Thursday, July 26, 2007

blogathon 2007

Starting 6AM EDT on Friday Saturday (see update below), Mary and Brady are going to be blogging every half hour for 24 straight hours for the American Library Association's Hurricane Katrina Fund. They are promising special features, games, contests with real (nonvirtual!) prizes, Southern-cooking recipes and a shocking plot twist* sometime during the day. Tune in!

* Various M&B fansites have been speculating about what the shocking plot twist is going to be. I've been trying to avoid reading them, as I don't want the surprise to be ruined by spoilers. For the official JFW prediction, go to this site, paste in this text, use the key "nymphadora tonks", and hit decode:

Yyft hfwsinhca Pjvbmn, quvh zn mwzo xbp ui ao es r Vxfl Chraups Aihvr-Lquygy Zxdnprgk, Mtfl gayj dtcedz khth frw achty afhlaezl vwnpztk hrk ko ksnn, thr uczthou htg zkfneqs ao iobe bh nvd gfqhl yhois. Xwgrwe rtpa, ou Piawm vc s umdryua.

Update: It's Saturday, not Friday, which of course makes more sense. The reason for the mistake is that I cannot freaking believe it is Thursday already.


Ken Houghton said...

that's "Nymphadora Lupin" to the rest of us. Which is about where I am.

ayt; ioeb'fv mhjvxy gm Ztd Ouzvagg grwzqqacev.

dorotha said...

V zqapeys zt pwyv tr pqklaosu taog Ljnbk xz rhoclr teye Icdbvnw.

mary_m said...

Jeremy: Whose soul would it be? And actually, I'm going to reveal that I've been fighting mummies and solving crime out of a makeshift office in Rare Books a la Noah Wylie.

Thanks for the plug, which makes us sound pretty action-packed and exciting for a nerdy book blog!

Ken: I wish!

Dorotha: He does like maple syrup an awful lot.

Ang said...

All of this encoded text is tiresome.

eszter said...

OMG, I can't believe it's been four years since I participated in Blogathon. Glad to see it's still on. It was not easy to do, but i had some great company throughout. It was definitely an experience worth having. Gosh, if I wasn't travelling this weekend, I might've tried it again. (It coincides with blogher, I wonder if anyone there will be participating.)