Friday, April 27, 2007

the technology giveth, the technology taketh away

The other night I marveled at the miracles of this world as I rode in a subway car that contained ads for both laser hair removal and laser hair restoration.

Unrelated: I made some small changes to my Blogger template. But I can't figure out how to modify the "Labels" part of the post to make it small like the byline. Does anyone know how to do this without having to upgrade one's template to the new Blogger layouts?


Anonymous said...

Change the font-size in the blogger-labels class CSS.

jeremy said...

Anon: I don't have this CSS in my template, so I'm presuming it's just using some default. If you have any more info on how this is done, I'd appreciate it, either here or via e-mail.

Jerry said...

You can override the style in the "head" section with an in-line CSS statement. Try inserting:
style="font-size : 0.8em;"
inside the "p" tag that comes immediately before "Labels:" in your code.

Dan Myers said...

Aside from your technical issues, there is an actual post to comment on here! And it cries out for this: One can safely assume the laser can remove that which was restored, but can it restore that which the laser removed? If so, using Stephen Wright logic, if you set off the removal and restoration lasers in a "head-to-head" battle, would one of them dominate, or would they achieve some kind of equilibrium?